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A funky figure hailing from Israel with high energy that reflects on his surroundings, music and stage. Spends every free second creating hot groovy tunes. 
You can most likely find Yanivi hopping and hyping crowded clubs and festivals, or in the studio conjuring tunes while tailoring the perfect vibe
like hummus is to pita bread  

Yanivi inspires and captivates people all over with his highly original addictive vibe that puts a fun-fueled spin on electronic music.
Produced and performed as a DJ with the Legendary JT Taylor (KOOL & THE GANG) in New York and has performed alongside renown artists such as :
Matisyahu, StickyBuds, JFB, Infected Mushroom, Hadag Nahash, Skazi, Mashina, Bery Sakharof and more...
Yanivi is an electronic tasty soup to the ears of a one man show equipped with electronic percussion machines and synths
that brings a 3rd dimension to the 100% live act, 
showing the true musicality of Yanivi and his creative endeavors.

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